OMG!!!! Hrithik wants Deepika!!

Yes, he and she both are hot.She is the dream girl for boys as well he is the dream girl of girls.Do you know about whom am I talking about? Hi is Hrithik Roshan,As well She is Deepika Padukone.As well as girls boys love Hrithik,to his peronality,Solid looking build,And his moves during action films,And in romance scenes and in moves of him in dancing.Girls fall in love withe Deepika’s tall and bold figure,the ultimate fashion star behind her. As boys love thoughts of girls,What if they both fall in love…………They both are tall,Both have brown eyes……..Thats correct as you think,Its a perfect match.

   Recently Finding fanny’s special screening was held.both deepika  and Hrithik both were on the occasion.Both of them watched the movie and Hrithik loved the character Deepika done in the movie.After the movie they were discussing a lot about  movie which they both could work on and how to fulfill minds of the audience with a new movie.Just think about it how fantastic would it be them in a romance move such as Krrish.


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